Congrats! You got an interview with that awesome company you desperately want to work for. You’ve done all your research and feel prepared. You go in and the interview starts out well, and you’re feeling almost confident that you’ll be the one getting an offer. But at the end, they ask if you have any questions and you immediately draw a blank. You’re on the spot and you can’t think of anything worthy of asking. That becomes your candidate pitfall, causing you to lose what could have been a great offer. 

You want to be memorable. Asking questions helps make that happen. Interviewers have to hear pitches from many people, so giving it the extra effort and coming up with questions beforehand can really give your interview that extra push it needs.  

In your next interview, try out a couple of these stellar stand-out questions.  

  1. What is the company culture like? 
  1. Are there opportunities for professional development within the company? 
  1. What are your favorite aspects of working here?  
  1. What are some of your most looked for traits in a new hire? 
  1. If I was hired today, what would the first thing you’d want me to learn?  
  1. Could you describe a typical day in this position?  
  1. Are employees talkative or is this a quiet office? 


Asking any of these questions will help the interviewer remember your name later on when they are picking who will fill the position. Plus, it lets them know that you truly are interested in the company itself and shows that you care about whether or not it is the right fit for you.  

You got this! You walk into the interview, questions ready, research done, and you can nail it.