So you want to be the best recruiter you can be? Then this blog post is the right one for you. If you’re new to the game or you’re a seasoned vet, here are some tips to becoming the best possible recruiter you can be.  

  1. Ask the tough questions. Dig as deep as possible. Recruiting is so much more than just finding someone who can do the position – it’s finding someone who can do it well. Finding a candidate who not only has the correct skillset but also fits the company culture and has a passion for the job.
  2. Be picky. Remember, you’re working for both companies and job-seekers, so you have to find ways to please them both. Don’t disappoint your clients by sending people who aren’t qualified their way, and also don’t send someone to a company you know that they’ll get rejected from.  
  3. Brand yourself. People are looking up to you to give them guidance. Prove to them each and every day through social media and networking that you are the best there is. Give the advice they need to hear.  
  4. Do your research. When it comes to vetting candidates, be sure to find out all there is to know. Look at their social media, ask them deep open-ended questions, and talk to their references. This is a job you can’t be lazy in! 
  5. Think ahead. What roles will need to be filled soon? Make monthly and weekly goals for yourself. What can you do now that will help you in the future? Talk to potential candidates and start looking for roles they might be interested in. Push yourself!