Congrats! You made it through the interview. However, you’re not done with the process yet. There are a couple more steps you should take in order to be a stand-out interviewee. They’re pretty simple, but to some hiring managers, they are the most essential parts of a job interview. Some believe it can make or break your chance at being hired.  

The first of these steps is to thank your interviewer. This should be done within 24 hours of the interview. Let them know that you are grateful that they took time out of their day to interview you and that you hope to be speaking with them soon. This shows that you’re willing to take the extra action needed to secure the job you want.  

The second step is to follow up. If you haven’t received a response within a week, shoot the hiring manager an email. They might have had a busy week and didn’t get the chance to reach out to you. No worries, let them know that you respect their time and are just wondering when the next steps will be taking place. Don’t ever feel like you are being rude for wondering what the next steps are, but be sure you are not badgering them. Contact the interviewer during work hours, not during their time off. Respect them as you would hope they would respect you. 

Once you get a second interview or the job itself, it’s important to thank them again. Showing gratitude is extremely important when you are just starting out in a position. Remember, they picked you out of a pool of people, so you should be appreciative that they thought you were the best fit for the position. Sometimes, the best way to say thank you is a handwritten note. It can be a simple thank you, there is no need to write a full letter, but just showing that you’re willing to go one step ahead and put extra effort in shows the employer that you are willing to do the same when it comes to your work.  

Remember, the interview is important, but so are the steps mentioned above. These tips may seem simple, but many interviewees forget to do them. Some hiring managers specifically look for these when choosing candidates, especially if the position you are applying for is a competitive one. So after your next interview, show off your skills, including those of appreciation.